Bussi-Manninen Ltd

Bussi-Manninen Ltd is one of the oldest coach operators in Finland. We are located in Ruovesi, in the Central Part of Finland.

Our services include scheduled routes in Ruovesi area, chartered buses and tours all over Finland and to several locations in Europe.

Traveling with Bussi-Manninen is convenient and reliable thanks to our friendly and experienced drivers with good skills of foreign languages and regularly maintained modern vehicles.

Our transportation fleet consists of minibuses (9-30 seats), regular size buses (43-56 seats) and a large charter bus with 60 seats. All the charter busses are equipped with toilet, radio, media player (VCR, DVD, CD), fridge, microwave, coffee machine, tables, air conditioning etc.

Because we are stationed near Tampere-Pirkkala, which is Air Baltics destination airport, we can fetch your group from there and continue your journey elsewhere in Finland. Your group can be fetched also from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, The Port of Helsinki or any other harbour in Finland.

About Us

Mail Address

Joensuuntie 5, Ruovesi, Finland

Office location

Joensuuntie 5, Ruovesi, Finland

Opening hours

Mon – Thu 9 - 16
Fri 9 - 15


+358 3 486 4700




 Kari: +358 50 514 6464

Anssi: +358 500 559 859

NOTE: E-mail addresses are in form of: firstname@bussi-manninen.fi